The buzz

Isabelle has a rich, soulful, velvety sound that connects to ache and longing in a very distinct way…a versatile talent, with deep connections to each song she sings.
—BILL PULLMAN, Stage and Film Actor, Writer, Director

Isabelle Fries is mesmerizing with her performances imbued with authentic emotion and compassion. Isabelle captures my heart with her sophisticated, sultry, rootsy, soulful vocals blended with a playfulness that is listening delight.
—BRITTA ERICKSON, Denver Film Society Festival Director

Listening to Isabelle sing is a pleasure...I wish her the best on her music path. Having seen her discipline as a swimmer, as well as her kindness and teamwork, I'm sure she will win great success.
—MICHAEL PHELPS, Olympic Gold Medalist

Isabelle’s energy and emotion is delivered in each song she performs. Her talent combined with her passion for connecting community with music impact positive change for individuals from Colorado to Uganda.